The Depths of the Sea.

I was reading a manga online and this page completely took my attention. Sometimes I feel this way… like… who would notice? I know that plenty of people have experienced this feeling, but still, that makes me no less sad at the thought… It’s just like as if you were in the bottom of the sea, so far away that no light can reach you, so deep in it that just the water and the space between you and the next person is such to make it as if your existence were meaningless… That is a depressing subject… In the moment I’m okay, I can notice the people who care for me… but it happened before and I predict that I shall fall back into this black waters of nothingness, where all that you can feel is the coldness of the water that surrounds you, and it scares me to start thinking about the subjects that took me there at the first place, for in this moment of clear thoughts I am aware that I have never acquired the answer to prove to myself that I was wrong. And being aware that you escaped, instead of surpassing it, makes you aware that you can end up at the same spot you were once before and, this time, escaping might not be possible. Know this. I’m a happy “kid”. The child inside of me is happy and has tons of illusions about the world and the workings of the same. And I live my life according to that kids principles. But there’s also another part of me that understands that those illusions might easily be smashed  to pieces if I don’t work hard to prove them possible everyday… Well my dear mates, beware the big black ocean, during the day it might seem to be all blue and beautiful, but it just might show its dark side to you and, at that moment, you will find your self with water in your lungs, coldness all around you, wishing it was a sith or monsters dark side you were fighting. If you happen to find the answer to the question that took you there, share it. Otherwise, if you escape the same way I did, keep it to yourself… You just might end up depressing the ones around you… Luck to all. Good or bad it shall depend on the wheel’s will.


About Huginn
I'm on my twenties, I live in Brazil and enjoy playing video games, board games and Role Playing Games. I'm what some consider a nerd, or a geek, but at the same time not your traditional preconception of a geek. No glasses, play sports, but I like science and geography, I like to read and love to travel and to make up stories about places and and times. I am no genius, but there are definitely a load of stupidity going around.

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