Empty Drive Bar

I know it will sound weird and hard to grasp to a few of you, but it makes this no less true or any easier…

I have a feeling of emptiness right now.

I have been lacking other feelings… It’s been real hard to get of from my bed, the reasons to move just seems less real, less important… they can pass me by and it’ll not matter…

I got up to work… move slowly but get there, do what need be done…

I’m feeling pretty much under everything right now… It’s like… well it does not matter…

Today should be a great day, “Talk like a Pirate” day… But I’m just not in the mood… I’m not really in any mood… a shitty one might be accessible…

I don’t really know what to do. I suppose some people would just fall to the ground in tears or cry himself to sleep… Instead I had a bit of insomnia, something that resembles a nightmare and missed classes…

I feel as if I were in a void… somewhat detached from my body…

Now, I must say something. If ever I doubted chocolate’s ability to keep us up, and make things less horrible, those doubts are gone. It is holding me right now, bar over bar…


I have searched for meaning in life… and I just have none. I lack reason. I feel useless, as if my presence would be easily left aside by existence itself without much bureaucracy, and it’s a mistake easily forgiven.

I know there are people who care for me… But what can you do when you feel just as if you could be replaced with no harm done and without difficulty?

My abilities are not numerous, my capabilities simple and the features that identify myself are common as they get.

Sure… I’m nice enough… So?

I lack something… I have no idea what it is… but I’ve dropped it… and need to find out what it is and how to get it back…

Real Soon.


About Huginn
I'm on my twenties, I live in Brazil and enjoy playing video games, board games and Role Playing Games. I'm what some consider a nerd, or a geek, but at the same time not your traditional preconception of a geek. No glasses, play sports, but I like science and geography, I like to read and love to travel and to make up stories about places and and times. I am no genius, but there are definitely a load of stupidity going around.

2 Responses to Empty Drive Bar

  1. Hita says:

    ‘lready told ya vhat I think.
    so stop beeing a fag and hold the reins of your life.

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