Taking the black… off my shoulder!

Ok, ok.

Wearing the black to much? Promess you some better news later on this week.

If your feeling down enjoy my darkness for now. Think my mood is too shitty?  Promess to lighten up!

Light in the end of the tunnel!

Wanna lil bit o it?

My 15 days of holidays are up and ready in a week!


About Huginn
I'm on my twenties, I live in Brazil and enjoy playing video games, board games and Role Playing Games. I'm what some consider a nerd, or a geek, but at the same time not your traditional preconception of a geek. No glasses, play sports, but I like science and geography, I like to read and love to travel and to make up stories about places and and times. I am no genius, but there are definitely a load of stupidity going around.

2 Responses to Taking the black… off my shoulder!

  1. 15 days of doing nothing. Like that’s not what you already do at work… But let’s make those two weeks fucking awesome!

    • Huginn says:

      Hahaha, Yeah dude! We’re totaly going to do that! If life is just so full of shit, lets go find ourselfs some mushrooms! We’re already knee-deep in it, we can take some more shit and carry what matters to keep’em out of it!

      Hehe, dudest, we rock!

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