The Dark Side


Life turns around all the time unexpectedly.

So friday I was lead runner at a competition at work, with space for air ahead of the runner up. The prize: a 14 days trip through Europe. Awesome! Four people competing for votes in videos we made.

Also, I was fancing a girl, friend of mine, that dates a friend of mine… I enjoy her company a lot, and we have a good chemistry, but she’s… well, unavailable.

. . .


. . .

And now the two situations inverted and turned upside down.

They have broken up.  And I’m dead last.

We kissed, me and her, and spent the day together. She had a sweet that she loves and told me it was the best she ever had! (and then we went after the girls who sold it to get another one.)

And while I was out of the office they changed the way you vote for the winner and voided the previous vote.

. . .


A big inversion… What can I say… I wonder if it was for the best, and I simply cannot stop being pissed by one and glad about the other.

I just want it all.

Give me the world and I’ll ask you for the moon.

Greedy? Me? Yes, I am. We all are (probably).  The Pope too. Actually the Pope more than many. That one, heh, I’m so sorry dudes, but I don’t like that guy. The last pope, that was someone who could make the world a better place. Someone with real goodness deep inside.

This guy looks more like a CEO to the church more than anything else. AND makes me thing of nazis.

“Dear conclave, with your smart choice you lost a possible simpatizer. Sincerely, Me.”

But really, back to the subject, yes, I want everything, love, great sex, money, power, magic, dragons, a financial empire, pet dinos,an island AND a tower. (Towers are Cool!)

Immortality may be in question too, but not alone.


Yeah, okay, guess what? I would probably be a sith too… Welcome to the dark side.


About Huginn
I'm on my twenties, I live in Brazil and enjoy playing video games, board games and Role Playing Games. I'm what some consider a nerd, or a geek, but at the same time not your traditional preconception of a geek. No glasses, play sports, but I like science and geography, I like to read and love to travel and to make up stories about places and and times. I am no genius, but there are definitely a load of stupidity going around.

2 Responses to The Dark Side

  1. Huginn says:

    I see you get the meaning, but even as a sith I wouldn’t want this creep in my team… Holy moley, this evil bastard is scary as shit, I would ratter talk to palpatine then meet this evil dude…

    He takes all the “ooh’s” and “Wow’s” from the vatican city, the place is just a library with and evil caretaker now…

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