To be or not to be?

I some days wonder, what am I doing? Do I want to become that which I’m studying to be, working with, practicing at and spending all my time around…?

I wake up sometimes and, laying on my back, staring at the roof, I ask myself if I’m not in the wrong college, the wrong course… I wonder how my life would be if were at my friends courses, if I followed their professions… biology, oceanography, design, med school, law…

I look to my sides and question my choices… Did I choose right? College is way too expensive, and being on the middle of my third year I will finish school. But that won’t stop me from wondering… Should I try to go for Design as a second college, after I’m done? Should I go into Cinema as I originally intended?

I have no financial bases for ANY private college, but depending on the course, for this was the only reason I went for a private one, there will be a great college here at the city with to teach me that profession.

The big and hard part will be to get back to studying high school subjects to pass through the test, the selection phase.

But yet again, when I’m graduated, will I want to go for another college? REALLY? One that has NOTHING to add to my current profession??


On those days I find myself lost. Liking girls I shouldn’t… Wondering about professions I’m just as far away from as it gets… Unfulfillable desires…






To be or not to be…. a hotelier…. a friend….


What to do…


About Huginn
I'm on my twenties, I live in Brazil and enjoy playing video games, board games and Role Playing Games. I'm what some consider a nerd, or a geek, but at the same time not your traditional preconception of a geek. No glasses, play sports, but I like science and geography, I like to read and love to travel and to make up stories about places and and times. I am no genius, but there are definitely a load of stupidity going around.

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